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TWILIGHT FANS: Meet ‘Edward’ in San Francisco

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Thursday, November 6th, 2008 at 7:05 am in Twilight Saga.

Here’s a chance to be your kid’s best friend, so long as you don’t mind a really, really early wake-up call.
pattinsonRobert Pattinson, who plays Edward in the highly anticipated “Twilight” movie, will be at the Hot Topic store in San Francisco on Monday, Nov. 10. The first 500 people to purchase a Twilight Tour T-shirt from the store will get a wristband (limit two per person) guaranteeing them a place in line to meet “Edward.” The actor will sign a poster and then hang out briefly to answer questions about the movie, which is in theaters Nov. 21. (And sorry, no cameras are allowed.)

Pattinson will be at the Hot Topic store from 6-8 p.m. at Stonestown Galleria, 3251 20th Ave. So, why the early wake-up call? Turns out the store will allow customers to start lining up at 6 a.m. — no earlier. Considering the actor won’t appear until 6 p.m., I’d say 6 a.m. is early enough. Then again, my “Twilight”-crazy 11-year-old stepdaughter likely would say no hour would be too early.

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  1. bradc Says:

    I guess my kids aren’t old enough yet. I have NO IDEA of what you speak….. mostly jibberish to my lips.
    Thank goodness. It sounds like a mind-numbingly dull way to spend the day.

  2. Eileen Says:

    i heard they canceled the event because of the huge mob that was there? is that true? my daughter was begging me to go but i wouldn’t let her miss school

  3. mrscullen Says:

    OMG!!! the mob was so out of control, they cancelled it! but the smart ones that stayed behind(like myself) will be getting an autographed poster from edward himself, the Q&A however is still up in the air!!! over 1,000 people showed up cops came, camera crews, news from every station and tons of chaos!!! but i still think it was worth it to go even though we were there @ 4am and still couldnt beat the mob…..WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF BEING A “SARDINE”…..=0) TEAM EDWARD!

  4. Ann Tatko-Peterson Says:

    More than 3,000 mostly teenage girls showed up this morning to buy the T-shirt that would get them into tonight’s signing. The mob scene was so out of control, police canceled the event. For more on this, read the story at and check back for our upcoming blog item.

  5. Ann Tatko-Peterson Says:

    Here’s our blog item about the mob scene in San Francisco that canceled the signing:

  6. April Says:

    Can anyone tell me when the first people started lining up? I know they started to make a list at 1am but when did the first people arrive?

  7. Jacob Says:

    Here’s a big list of all the different articles about this story.

  8. Laurie Says:

    Did you or someone you know recently attend the TWILIGHT signing event presented by Hot Topic at the Stonestown Galleria, San Francisco? Nationally syndicated talk show is looking for someone who was at the event and was part of the fiasco that occured. If you or someone you know attended this event, please email me ASAP at We want to hear your story and possibly bring you to NY to tell your story and tell us why you are a huge fan of TWILIGHT!!

  9. Kattie Says:

    Hey edward u are very cute and the best player ever
    me and my friends love u mostly me

  10. kirsten Says:

    hi edward u r so flippem hot and your movie was hot to i really wanted to see it so i waited in line for the hole nite and finely got it and it was so worth waiting for i think litterly it was truly the best movie ever and i am going through a ruff time and when i saw your movie it made everything all better just because u were in it u were my favorite actor luv u so so much i wish i could meet u!

    your”s truly kirsten luv u:)<3

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