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By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Monday, November 10th, 2008 at 5:45 pm in Twilight Saga.

A spokesperson at Hot Topic at Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco confirmed that the “Twilight” event is back on. Earlier in the day, the autograph session with actor Robert Pattinson (Edward) was canceled because of safety issues. A few injuries were reported when 3,000 mostly teenage girls lined up outside the store to buy a T-shirt that would guarantee them a meet-and-greet with the actor this evening.

Store personnel were still able to sell the T-shirts and distribute bracelets, so the actor issued a press release saying he would make the appearance to autograph posters only. The scheduled question-and-answer session was canceled. For more on how the day’s events unfolded, see our earlier blog entry.

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  1. Cat T. Says:

    I was there since 3am to line up to meet him. I called Hot Topic earlier in the week and asked about the event, and was told people would be lining up as early and 3-4am. While talking to other people while waiting, they told me the staff told them different things, like they couldn’t line up until 7am or else they’d be kicked off the property. Others heard different starting times and different times of when the wristbands would go on sale.

    The event COULD have gone decently, but it was poorly organized and poorly executed. There was only one mall security guard for hours. The police didn’t show up until things got really bad, and that’s when everything was cancelled. At one point people were told to form two lines against the walls on either side, then 5-10mins later they said to go back to the first line.

    I was part of this unofficial list because I thought at the time I got there, it was official. When everyone made a mad dash to the front doors, I waited. When they told us to form a line against the wall, I calmly formed the line and stayed there for the next 2-3hrs. I didn’t see what was going on in the middle part and all I heard was yelling.

    Honestly, if people had simply listened then it most likely would’ve worked out. It was simple: the people in front who were pushing others up against the doors and such could’ve simply moved to the back of the line. When they had first told people to do that, if they had, I’m sure there would’ve been enough wristbands for everyone. Nobody would listen and kept pushing their way through. It was completely ridiculous. I let little girls and their moms go in front cause I was afraid they’d get hurt.

    I’m sad though that the event is back on and I wasn’t there to join in. I really hoped to go in to the Robert Pattinson, the actor, and not Edward Cullen, the fictional character. It’s too bad things escalated to this point, and I think they should’ve issued a statement sooner. I’m quite disappointed in the turn of events today. The 500 people they let in afterwards were not the same 500 first in line this morning. I can’t believe they didn’t anticipate this, as he is a celebrity afterall.

  2. Susan Says:

    This is as upsetting as the incident this morning. We were among the first 200 in line but then the police and security officers insisted the event was canceled and we had to go home. I left with my two dejected daughters. Now you tell me that they let those first people in. Shameful. The organizers of this event hurt two girls who deserved better.

  3. Eli Nicole Says:

    not only did they continue the event, but they randomly sold the bracelets without many knowing until it was too late. if you were the few that had bracelets from the morning you were guarnteed spots, even though people were being told that there might be extra pre signed posters given away to people with no bracelets that act really good. Live 105.3 wasnt even updated that the signing was still on who happened to be the one radio station that promoted it for the past few days. the uncancellation was very low key, but i promoted it as much as i could. many went back from all over the bay to have the chance again to just get sent back home. like i already wrote it was unorganized, but the parents could of helped prevent what was happening

  4. Autumn Young Says:

    omg this is awful!! I feel so bad for everyone waiting there I’ve totally been in one of those situations before. Now I’m just really scared they all will get canceled. Mine was scheduled for Thursday and I was planning on getting there at like midnight. I will seriously die if they cancel it! :(

  5. April Says:

    What time did people start lining up in front of the mall?

  6. Eli Nicole Says:

    people were there at 11:30pm the night before, and then were asked to leave and came back around 1:00am. hot topic apparently was telling anyone who called around 7:00am

  7. Eli Nicole Says:

    video of robert in DALLAS he says they cancelled it to lessen the crowd , and then admits he should not have said that. GO FIGURE

    in this video rob says the cancellation was a diversion and then corrects himself by saying he shouldnt of said that

  8. Eli Nicole Says:

    here is the link

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