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TEENS, Sex and School

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, November 14th, 2008 at 11:33 am in Teens.

Tyra Banks (Robert Pitts/Landov/MCT)You may have seen that alarming Rand study earlier this month that found that teens who watch a lot of sexy TV shows are twice as likely to become pregnant over the next three years as peers who stick to tamer entertainment. Researchers think racy content, which has doubled on television in the last few years, and rarely shows contraception efforts or risks, is promoting unprotected sex at earlier ages. In other words, you get a skewed view of sexual risks if your health ed consists solely of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf‘s couplings.

Now comes word from Tyra Banks, talk show host , supermodel and Glamour Magazine’s 2008 Woman of the Year, that teens …

are having far more unprotected sex – earlier and in strange venues – than parents ever suspected. Banks and her show conducted an online poll this summer involving more than 10,000 teens and young women, ages 13-17 and 18-25. The results? Stunning. The average age of these girls’ first experiences was 15, not the 17 quoted in federal statistics. More than half – 52% don’t use protection – and 14% are doing it at school. Yes, you read that right. At. School. One in three were afraid they had contracted an STD, and 24% who actually had STDs were having unprotected sex. And 20% wanted to be a teen mom. Banks is hosting a teen panel on her show today. Set your Tivo to record, folks, then have a chat with your daughters and sons.

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3 Responses to “TEENS, Sex and School”

  1. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Allow me to finish your sentence…

    “then have a chat with your daughters and sons” and explain why you are unplugging TV from the cable. The best defense is offense, parents. Talk is cheap, and your kids are not going to change unless you make dramatic changes. You’ll be a better family for it. Think of all the time spent on TV, not talking or playing with your kids. Science has shown that watching TV mimicks brain patterns during sleep. That ain’t good, and now every parent has another reason to take ACTION and be INVOLVED in the lives of your children. The Sex Revolution is plague. Thanks for nothing, Dr. Spock ‘n Company!

  2. Viking Mom Says:

    This is not new. I just did a paper on health issues in high school and how to address it in the curriculum. I am currently a high school teacher in San Diego county. This same data can be traced over a thirty year period! Included in this data is also the increase of television sets, computers and games inside children’s rooms and the lack of supervision from parents. It is then left to teachers to remedy the negative influences that children are exposed to in the media. I may be preaching to the choir here, but isn’t the parent’s responsibility to monitor this kind of behavior AND encourage the schools to monitor students during unstructured time?

  3. Eli Nicole Says:

    i remember my 8th grade year of middle school. i was 13 and we had sex ed. it was the most awkward thing ever with my classmates, and then in high school we were taught the same thing in 10th grade. my high school has a planned parent hood around the corner which gives away free condoms and birth control and also the SCHOOL had an on campus “planned parenthood” and it was confidential and very safe. i myself was an 11th grader/16 years old at the time and it was probably the first big regret in my life. i wish someone would of taught us not to go by what people say and teach us about peer pressure while we are so young in that kind of situation cause i have looked back at it and just tell myself WHAT WAS I THINKING!

    TV had nothing to do with my choice. i had a 3.35 GPA, was a band student who had zero period and after school practice. it wasnt about what was on TV i never had time to watch it. it was about my friends and what they were doing what i thought was “right” and “cool” at the time.

    my parents NEVER talked to me about sex and i never brought it up to them, but they know and i let them know weeks later and ill never forget the disappointment on their face.

    I think parents need to really take the time and have a conversation with their kids about it. Its like Dr. Drus new tv show on MTV sex talk with mom and dad. i wish my parents and i had to have a talk like some of those families do. maybe it would of made a difference on my high school view of things!

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