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MOTRIN MOMS Ad Spurs Headaches

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, November 17th, 2008 at 10:49 am in Babies & Tots.

So, are you a “Motrin Mom”? Or a “Mom Ticked Off at Motrin”? The pain reliever company launched a million headaches over the weekend with its flip new ad that implies moms wear their babies in slings or front packs as a fashion statement. Actually, it says it outright, and refers to baby carriers as “the sling, the shwing, the wrap, the pouch.” The SHWING? Really? As in the erection reference made famous by Mike Myers’ SNL alter ego, Wayne Campbell? The ad, which infuriated legions of new moms with its line about baby carriers making mothers cry – “but it’s a good pain” – coincided with International Babywearing Week. Here’s a video clip so you can see what all the fuss is about:

We suspect Motrin’s ad execs didn’t run this one by any focus groups of, ya know, real mothers or anything. Perhaps their 23-year-old interns thought it was screamingly funny – although it’s got more of a whiff of an aging ad man, who hasn’t seen a baby in years and isn’t quite sure about that newfangled Internets thing. Real moms who spotted the ads over the weekend reacted like any 21st century, tech savvy bunch would do. Their ire hit Twitter and the blogosphere like something had exploded. Now Motrin is backpedaling. They’ve apologized and pulled the ad from their website. But the blogging, Twittering backlash continues. The first Motrin ad satire just hit YouTube. And the latest Twitter comes from Jeremiah who says, “My brilliant advertising idea for the day for Motrin Dads: ‘Got a headache from hearing your wife complain about Motrin Moms?, well…'”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ari Soglin Says:

    Maybe I’ve got more in common with aging ad men than I’d like to admit, but I just don’t get the outrage. I’ll concede that wearing a baby is about much more than fashion; I loved carrying my kids in a backpack. But when I see ads like this one — — I don’t think Motrin missed the mark so badly as to deserve the bashing it’s getting. The ad for the Bali Baby Breeze raps refers to a “stunning chocolate brown carrier.” It says, “Subtle stripes give this wrap a rich texture, and the color is not only trendy but looks great on everybody.”

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