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4th Grade Letters to Obama

By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 at 2:07 pm in politics.

President-Elect Barack Obama meets with President George W. Bush (Eric Draper/The White House/ MCT)
Every new president deserves congratulation so teacher Linda Zittel put her fourth graders to work writing letters to President-Elect Barack Obama. And we were so charmed by the results, we couldn’t resist sharing. So here, from Mira Vista Elementary in Richmond, are excerpts from “Letters to Obama”:

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for you to win.”
– Yasmin Saif, age 9

“You are the first black president and I love you so much!”
– Anthony Locicero, age 9

“Your speech in Chicago, Illinois, it was great.”
– Miguel Rodgriguez, age 8

“Congratulations for winning that election. People got really happy for you winning.”
– Waseam Murshed, age 9

“I’m really happy that you’re president. I know that you will make things much better, and you have two wonderful girls that are happy and proud of you.”
– Lia Lara, age 9

“I’m sorry that your grandmother died. But I like that you are president.”
– Hector Camacho, age 9

“I think you will be a good president. I hope you will find a way to help stop global warming and help feed poor people.”
– Zella Tavistock-Thaman, age 9

“I was happy and surprised when I saw you won.”
– William Tang, age 9

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4 Responses to “4th Grade Letters to Obama”

  1. B Lynn Goodwin Says:

    I’ve been worried about the world we are leaving to Generation X, Y and beyond. These optimistic nine-year-olds give me great hope, and so does Barack Obama.

    B. Lynn Goodwin

  2. Katherine H. Hendon Says:

    Yes! Congratulations to President Elect Obama and the 4th grade students of Mrs. Zittel’s class at Mira Vista Elementary in Richmond, CA.
    My students and teacher worked very hard at writing the letters.
    Thank you for posting them.

    Katherine H. Hendon
    Principal, Mira Vista Elementary

  3. Mrs. Keyak Says:

    I am so proud of you. I always worry what kind of world my Sons & their children will live in.But with students like you so thoughtful and caring..I can stop worrying so much. We are also very Happy that Obama won. All three of my sons worked very hard to help get him elected. All the best, Mrs.Keyak Mira Vista School

  4. LILY Says:

    barack obama you are the best president in the world. I have always wanted a change in this world!!!

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