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“TWILIGHT” at Midnight

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 at 10:22 am in Movies, Twilight Saga.

twilightThe misty forests of the Pacific Northwest, the haunting, romantic story of a vampire and his love — the shrill buzzing of an alarm clock after too few hours of sleep. It’s all well and good to buy tickets for the midnight premiere of the hottest vampire movie in years, but heading off to homeroom with three hours of shut-eye is a bit of a bummer. And parents are feeling more than a little conflicted about letting their tweens, the core audience for Stephenie Meyer‘s best-selling “Twilight” series, stay out till 2 a.m. or later on a school night. We talked to a handful of parents about their plans for tomorrow’s midnight hour – go? stay home? – for a piece that ran in the Times and Trib this morning. Now it’s your turn! Punch a button on the poll or click “comments” and weigh in.

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  1. Eli Nicole Says:

    ill be going tomorrow right before the high school kids get out

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