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7 DAY Countdown to Thanksgiving

By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 6:30 am in Crafts, Thanksgiving.

Pilgrim Hat (Courtesy is a week away and we’re starting our countdown! For the next seven days, we’ll be bringing you kid-friendly Thanksgiving recipes, crafts and activities, starting with these adorable, pilgrim-inspired place cards. We found these on the Better Homes & Gardens web site along with other crafts, games and decorating ideas. And they were delighted to share these little pilgrim hats, both the pics and the directions, with us – and you!

SUPPLIES: Here’s what you’ll need for each “hat.”
A 3-inch terracotta flowerpot (sold at nurseries and craft stores)
Crafting foam – black for the brim and yellow for the buckle
Acrylic paint – black, white and a bright color of your choice
A black fabric paint pen or paint squeeze bottle
Thick white crafts glue, scissors


1. Paint the pot black and allow it to dry. Choose a color to paint the band around the top of the pot. Let it dry. Make white dots on the rest of the pot by dipping the handle of a paintbrush in white paint and dotting it onto the surface.

2. Cut a circle from black foam, about 1/2 inch wider all around than the pot opening. (This is easier to do if you use cup or lid to trace the circle.) Squeeze glue onto the pot rim, then stick it onto the black foam circle. Let dry.

3. For the buckle, measure the height of the pot’s colored band, then cut a rectangle of yellow foam that’s about 1/8 inch higher than the band. Cut a little rectangular hole out of the middle, so the band’s color can peek through. Then glue it to the band.

4. Then use the black paint pen to write the guest’s name on the colored band. Let dry thoroughly before using.

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