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DIVING Stick Recall

By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 2:31 pm in Toy Recalls.

Diving Game RecallThis is weird. Apparently the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned weighted dive sticks back in 2001, saying they were an impalement hazard. And we guess, maybe they are … although they should probably recall the water in the pool too – drowning hazard, you know.

Anyway, despite the ban, a number of companies have sold the things anyway. A hundred or so of these toys were recalled last week. Now, Target just recalled 365,000 of them. So check your pool toys.

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  1. kari Says:

    very weird. we buy a different brand of such sticks every summer at Walmart. (hours of fun in the pool) They are yellow w/ different colored ends, and there’s most likely no way anyone could get “impaled” on them, as they are soft/squishy so they can soak in water and eventually sink.

    But, I suppose anything can happen with kids. My daughter had to go to urgent care after she got her lip stuck in the hinge of a pair of toy plastic pliers. (and yes, it was as painful as it sounds!)

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