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COUNTDOWN to Thanksgiving: 3 More Days!

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, November 24th, 2008 at 5:47 am in Crafts, Thanksgiving.

Village People (Family Fun Magazine)We’ve always been big fans of Family Fun Magazine and its crafts, and these “Village People” look like the perfect children’s table activity and table decoration all in one. All you need are toilet paper tubes, colored paper, glue and some markers – although we’re dying to try putting our kids in the pilgrim and American Indian roles by printing appropriately sized family photos on lightweight paper, then cutting out the little faces and gluing them in place.

Anyway, here’s how to make these guys: wrap a rectangle of colored paper – a brown shade for the Indians, black for the pilgrims – around each tube, attaching it with glue or double sticky tape. Draw a little face on a 2×3 inch piece of paper and glue it into place. Glue on hair – cut a fringe into one end of a paper rectangle, then roll it around a pen to make it curly. Glue it on!

All that’s left are the embellishments. Your American Indian needs a paper headband and feathers. Your pilgrims could probably use white collars and a bonnet or hat with square buckle. Click here for directions from Family Fun.

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