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BEWARE work-from-home scams

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 at 1:59 pm in Other.

Multitask ILLUS.jpgOK, who among us wouldn’t jump at the chance to stay in our jammies and work from home all day? In my former days as a sports writer, I spent many a day writing from the desk in my home office. I saved a lot on lunches, gas for the car and after-school babysitters, not so much on my heating and electric bills. Yes, those were the days, but even as I sit typing from the real-work-world office, nothing about those days — or the current economic crisis — could tempt me into answering one of those “work-from-home” ads.

We’ve all seen them. The ads promise big money doing jobs ranging from data entry to stuffing envelopes. Best of all, you don’t have to schlep to an office. But as Staffcentric, a company specializing in home-based careers, notes, the scam ratio is 54-to-1 among the 5,000 home job leads the company researches every week. CNN has a must-read article about the subject that should make anyone wary of hitching their financial future to a prospect that is likely a fraud.

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