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INAUGURATION: The Latest Zittel Report

By Jackie Burrell
Saturday, January 17th, 2009 at 11:57 pm in Inauguration 2009, politics.

The latest report from guest bloggers Linda Zittel, a Richmond schoolteacher, and her son Adam, from Inauguration Central: Washington DC…

January 17th – From Adam
Saw the Air and Space Museum today. Very interesting exhibits. There were many real airplanes hanging from the ceiling, and lots of hands on exhibits. I was fascinated.

From Linda
Today the National Mall was bustling with activity Several people were riding around on two-wheeled vehicles they could stand up on. Turns out they’re called “Segways,” and people who were riding them had booked a special tour of D.C. I met a woman and her son who had flown in from New Orleans.

News trucks were parked up and down the mall, and MSNBC set up a temporary building right next to it. There were food trucks and equipment trucks, with men setting up metal frames and wiring for the festivities. I was interviewed by Scott Peterson from C-Span, and got a short tour of their news van. There was a little interview room inside, complete with arm chairs and a big flat screen TV.

By the way, the “HOPE” signs I saw yesterday did NOT include the Obama campaign logo. They had a different red, white, and blue logo representing the web site,, a Pepsi sponsored site encouraging everyone to make a video for our new president.

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