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LUNAR New Year DVD Giveaway!

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, January 19th, 2009 at 10:58 am in Contest.

Walker & PingPing Between the Chinatown parades, lion dancers and fireworks, it’s impossible to resist the fun of Lunar New Year celebrations! So, we’re giving away a cool new DVD, “The Adventures of Walker & PingPing,” which includes two episodes, “The Great Wall” and “The Chinese Market.” Two young adventurers explore the Great Wall of China, the Gobi Desert and the dumpling shops of a Chinese marketplace in this fun, culture-filled, animated series. Very cute, and educational too. And all you have to do to win is click “comments” and tell us, do you celebrate Lunar New Year? And if so, what’s your family’s favorite part? (Congrats, by the way, to Marie, who won last week’s Sandra Boynton books giveaway!)

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12 Responses to “LUNAR New Year DVD Giveaway!”

  1. Cathy Says:

    We don’t celebrate Lunar New Year but love hearing the stories of friends who do :).

  2. Cindi Says:

    Hello, We have not celebrated the Lunar New Year, but I think it might be a nice tradition to start! The DVD looks very fun and educational. I love how books, children’s programs and DVDS are becoming more and more multicultural. Please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  3. Marci Says:

    We have yet to celebrate it, but some of our friends have a great time.

  4. Valerie M Says:

    this is great! in previous years we have gone to big festivals…not sure what we’ll do this year.

  5. Misty VanEpps Says:

    we dont celebrate but i would like to teach my daughter about it. thank you.

  6. Stacie Says:

    No we don’t celebrate it, but I bet it would be fun to!

  7. Kaycee Says:

    We havent celebrated it but I would love to expose my daughter to different cultures and this would be excellent!!

    kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

  8. karen L Says:

    Although I don’t celebrate the Lunar New year I live right across the bay from San Francisco and we always hop on over there to see the festivities. My daughter had a friend who celebrates with her family, complete with all the special foods and traditions.

  9. SHartl Says:

    I would LOVE to win this DVD! A number of my friends are Chinese and celebrate the Lunar New Year, so I have been invited to join in their festivities many times. I have 6 year old twin nieces who would really enjoy watching it with me. Please enter my name in the drawing!

  10. d Says:

    We have dim sum with the in-laws, clean the house prior to New Year’s Day to welcome new spirits and luck. We also dress in red, give lysee cards to kids and this year I am going into my son’s class to teach them about the New Year.

  11. Jackie Burrell Says:

    Oh, D, that sounds so cool! Do you guys go to the San Francisco Chinatown parade too?

  12. d Says:

    I did once (pre-child) and it was wet and cold and I couldn’t see squat. Last year we went to the Asian Art Museum to see kids from the Chinese American School do a lion dance, play intruments, dance and sing traditional songs. It was much better than the parade, which my Chinese hubby loathes to attend. :) I want my chinese-american son to really understand that part of his culture so I am probably a bit over the top, but it is fun to get so into it all. :)

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