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By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, February 5th, 2009 at 10:41 am in Crafts, Valentine.

Valentine Bingo Prepping for that classroom Valentine party? Bingo’s always popular with kids, particularly when you use something edible for the markers – red and white M&Ms, gummi bears, conversation hearts or yogurt covered raisins.

Here’s how to make your bingo boards:
1. Open a word document on your computer and type in “Valentine Bingo” in some particularly Valentine-y font (we used Snell Roundhand and wondered where the heck they come up with these font names). Now click the tab for making tables and insert a 4×4 table right under the heading. Grab a corner with your cursor and pull it down to make appropriate sized squares. Print the results on white card stock, enough for every child in the class or, if you’re using party stations and letting small groups rotate through, 4-6 boards plus 1 extra.

2. Time to fill in the squares. The goal is to use the same set of 16 images on each card, but randomize the order in which they appear. We used conversation heart rubber stamps for these boards, but you can use 16 stickers, clip art images or photos instead.

3. Cut the little squares out of the last bingo board. These are the cards your bingo caller will draw from.

4. You can use the other bingo boards as is, but it’s cuter if you trim them and mount them on colorful, Valentine-themed card stock or heavy paper. Mounting them gives the boards a little more substance too. If you plan to reuse the boards later, cover them first with clear contact paper or take them to Kinkos, Walnut Creek’s Lakeshore Curriculum or any other shop with a laminating machine.

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  1. Alice Says:

    An excellent idea that it a little different for Valentine’s day.

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