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By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 at 11:06 am in Movies.

oliverThere’s just something about the animated classics featuring animals that tugs at my heartstrings. OK, so my husband thinks it’s a little sappy. I can’t help it. I became a hopeless romantic watching Lady and the Tramp share a plate of spaghetti. And the first time I ever cried over a movie was watching poor Fievel in “An American Tail.”

Equally heartwarming is the tale of Oliver, the homeless kitchen, who joins a band of dogs for an adventure of a lifetime in Walt Disney’s “Oliver and Company.” The 20th anniversary edition is out on DVD and here’s a chance to add it to your collection. Just click on “Comments” and tell us which animated classic focused on animals is your favorite and why.

(We’ll pull a winner’s name Sunday night. Meanwhile, congrats to Dan, who won last week’s “SpongeBob” giveaway.)

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  1. Cindi Says:

    Greetings! There are so many Disney Animal Classics that I like because I am a sap. The Fox and The Hound is my favorite. My dad had a pet fox for 10 years and Foxy Girl was adorable! Please enter me in your Oliver and Company DVD drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  2. Jackie Says:

    I think Lion King is one of my favorites. It was the first Disney movie I took my daughter to see in a theater and she fell in love with it. She had all the stuffed animals (and still does) and sang all the songs. Every now and then Hakuna Matata pops in my head and I can’t help but sing it out loud!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Marci Says:

    Charlottes Web the original from 1973. Every time I would watch it, it would bring tears to my eyes. That movie brings back lots of joyful memories of my childhood.

  4. Michele P. Says:

    Goodness, so many good ones out there to choose from! But one that I do watch over and over again is the cute little fish Nemo, (my daughter still calls him memo)such a cute story and something I can watch with the whole family.

  5. Sally Sundeen Says:

    My All time Favorite is All Dogs go to Heaven, My little sister and I used to pretend that we were the dogs. I was Charlie and she was Itchy….we could quote that movie front and back…I still can! Ahh..simpler times! :) It’s fun now that I get to share these classic movies with my daughter!

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