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Valentine # 6: Hearts on strings

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Tuesday, February 10th, 2009 at 11:31 am in Valentine.

heartI confess: Especially in these tough economic times, I’m always looking for ways to pinch pennies by making instead of buying gifts. But sometimes writer’s block extends to the old imagination, too. So, I find myself looking a little closer at store-bought gifts and wondering, Can I do that?

Here’s one of my favorite “stolen it” ideas for Valentine’s Day. Pottery Barn has a delightful hanging hearts mobile that seems to be a cinch to make, as long as you have a deft touch with a needle (or a sewing machine). You’ll need to buy material in at least five different patterns (you won’t need much so check your scraps or look in the bargain bins at your local craft/fabric stores). You’ll also need about 3-4 yards of ribbon, a thick wire ring, paint to match the color of the ribbon, batting and pinking shears.

First, paint the wire ring in the color of the ribbon and set aside. Cut the ribbon in varying lengths (6-15 inches). Print a heart pattern (such as this one) and cut it out. Trace it on the backside of your material. You will need two or four hearts for each piece of material. Cut out the hearts using pinking shears. Sew the hearts together, about a half inch from the edges, with the backsides facing out, leaving a one-inch opening at the top. Turn it right side out and stuff with batting. Sew the top closed. About halfway down the ribbon, sew on the top of the heart. Repeat for each heart. Wrap the top half of the ribbon around the wire three times, leaving about four inches at the top. Draw all of these top portions together and tie into a loop. That’s it. (And for all those who aren’t looking to pinch pennies, you can buy the real deal for $34.99 from Pottery Barn.)

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