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BIRTHDAY Sharks, Jeeps and More

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, February 27th, 2009 at 6:52 am in Cuisine.

Shark Cake (Photo by Kenneth Chen for
And we’re back with more birthday cakes! As we mentioned yesterday, we thought we had the whole birthday cake thing down pat … until we caught sight of these amazing cakes crafted by colleagues all over the country. So we’re sharing our 10 favorite birthday cake ideas – and we’re hoping you share yours with us too.

FABULOUS CAKE #4: Who could resist a shark cake like this one? Our friends over at came up with a slew of birthday cake ideas that left us breathless with envy. But this one? This one takes the, er, cake. We’ll share the basics here, but this link takes you to the pattern you’ll find helpful for cutting out ol’ Jaws, plus 30 other amazing cake ideas …

1 9×5 inch pound cake, purchased or homemade
1 large (5-inch) sugar cookie
1 gumdrop
Vanilla frosting (a 16 oz. can or homemade)
1 red fruit roll-up
1/4 cup mini-marshmallows
2 Junior Mints
Paste food coloring in black and blue, and 1 tube black decorating icing

1. Using the template, cut a 3-inch wedge-shaped diagonal from one end of the pound cake – you’ll use it to prop up the shark’s body so it looks like it’s coming up out of the water – and trim the other end of the shark to form its snout.

2. Cut a 1½-inch piece from one side of the cookie to form a fin. Make a vertical slit in the base of the back of the shark and insert the cookie, cut side down. Place the gumdrop under the cookie fin for support.

3. Tint 1 cup of the frosting gray, then spread the icing over the cake and cookie fin as smoothly as possible.

4. OK, check out that photo again. See the mouth? That’s red fruit leather.

5. The teeth? Mini-marshmallows that have been cut in half on the diagonal. Use kitchen shears or clean scissors to make the cuts

6. Press the Junior Mints into the sides of the cake for the eyes. Pipe 3 gills under each eye using the black decorating icing.

7. You’ll need swirly blue frosting for the waves, so add a little blue food coloring to the remaining vanilla frosting, but don’t mix completely. Spoon the swirly blue frosting into a resealable plastic bag. Snip a ¼-inch corner from the bag and pipe waves and swirls to cover the base of the cake and some of the shark. Dab with the back of a small spoon to make swirls in the frosting. Admire your work. Tell yourself you’re awesome.
FABULOUS CAKE #5: A rocket ship cake is the star, heh heh, of any astronaut birthday. We’ve made space ships before – heck, anyone can cut out the basic shape – but what sets this one apart is the blast off appeal: Twizzlers blasting from an ice cream cone fitting in the bottom of the cake. Brilliant!
FABULOUS CAKE #6: Family Fun Magazine’s outback jeep cake is so clever, you’ll want to come up with a party theme to match the cake, rather than the other way around. The tires? Mini-chocolate donuts. The faces in the windows? Decorated Nilla Wafers.
Yum. Check back this weekend for birthday cakes #7 & 8 …

These posts are part of the “All About Parenting Birthday Blog Carnival.” Starting this Sunday, that link will take you to a full round-up of amazing birthday party ideas for every age and circumstance, from bloggers all over the Internet.

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