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LEPRECHAUNS, Barm Brack & More

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, March 13th, 2009 at 3:41 pm in Crafts.

Leprechaun Catcher (Courtesy Family Fun Magazine) Got a little leprechaun at home? Or just trying to catch one? Our buddies over at Family Fun Magazine were kind enough to share their St. Patty expertise with us and the best way, they say, to catch a leprechaun is with this hat trap: “Leprechauns have big egos, so a giant version of their own hat is irresistible to them. Once they step on the false top, you’ll have caught a 10-gallon prize.”

We’ll tell you how to make one, them give you suggestions for other adorable St. Patrick’s Day crafts, a minty punch and some real Irish food, including Barm Brack…

You’ll need:
An empty oatmeal container
Green, black and yellow felt
Double-sticky tape
A small piece of gold foil (or other lightweight bait)

Here’s how:
1. Cut a hole in the lid of the oatmeal canister.

2. Wrap the canister in green felt, using double stick tape to secure it, and place a circle of green felt over the hole, so it gives way when the leprechaun steps on it.

3. Cut a length of black felt, an inch or two high and long enough to wrap around the hat for decoration. Use double stick tape to secure it, then cut a “buckle” out of yellow felt.

4. Crumple the foil into a gold nugget-like shape and place it atop the felt circle as irresistible leprechaun bait. Adding a small twig ladder is a nice touch, as is a warning sign. Leprechauns, say the Family Fun craft editors, cannot resist a sign that tells them not to do something.

Need other St. Patrick’s Day ideas? We were also charmed by Family Fun’s Wee Leprechaun, which turns a lowly toilet paper tube into an Irish elf, and their minty, frothy St. Patty punch.  Also pretty darn cute, although considerably more labor intensive, this felt leprechaun pin over at Green-tinted cuisine is always fun for St. Patrick’s Day, but if you want to serve authentic Irish food, head over to Elaine Lemm’s guide to St. Patrick’s Day and Irish food. We’ve always made corned beef and soda bread for our family – the kids won’t eat cabbage, unfortunately – but this year we may try Elaine’s recipe for Barm Brack, a raisin and candied fruit studded yeast bread. Besides, it’s just too much fun to say. Barm Brack. Barm Brack. Barm Brack…

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