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RACE To Witch Mountain

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 at 7:28 am in Movies.

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We’re moving into blockbuster season, with the first flurries of exciting cinematic fare arriving just in time for spring break. Disney’s “Race to Witch Mountain” raced to the top of the box office charts this weekend. It’s an action packed frolic, says Orlando Sentinel critic Roger Moore (sadly, no relation to James Bond), with a first hour that’s “breathless fun.” (We’ve posted the movie trailer after the jump, if you haven’t seen it already.)

But Common Sense Media warns that the PG-rated movie is also very scary. Parents will want to know, the CSM reviewer says, that “the destruction of the world is at stake, and the main characters are in constant peril. And, for a PG-rated film, it has more violence and intense moments than you might expect. Since the alien villain and government agents are all trying to kill or capture the extraterrestrial teens, the kids are constantly in danger and have to ward off many threats, including explosions and direct gunfire.” It’s OK for the 8-and-up crowd, not younger kids. (Parent reviews on the site were mixed. While one parent reviewer called it “‘The Bourne Identity’ for 10-Year-Old Boys” and said her son loved it, others were both upset and surprised by the violence. Um, look at the trailer, folks. Loaded with explosions and intense action.)

Plugged-In Online’s movie reviewer agrees that it’s an intense flick, but notes, “This re-imagining of the ’70s Disney classic ‘Escape to Witch Mountain’ is quite simply a fun, big-budget, high-energy family-targeted popcorn muncher. It’s a movie packed from title to credits with smash-up car chases, alien superpowers, explosive firefights and even a whirling, careening flying saucer getaway. There’s so much PG-rated bim-bam-boom, in fact, that I can easily imagine younger youngsters getting overwhelmed by the more perilous moments. They’ll have to duck and cover – under Dad’s leather jacket – when some of the sci-fi stuff scares them, too.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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  1. Cathy Says:

    My husband & 10-year-old son saw it together. They both enjoyed it. It had enough action to keep Dad entertained while still being “PG enough” to not freak out the kid.

  2. Jackie Burrell Says:

    Good to hear! It’s always so helpful when parents – not just critics – give feedback on a movie. Thanks, Cathy!

  3. Annie B Says:

    I saw it with my 11 year old son this past weekend and we both liked it a lot. This movie was perfect my boy’s demographic which is: too old for “kiddie” movies, wanting high-action, but still way too young for the language, gore, and sexuality that usually goes with the action genre. The movie was almost entirely action: no sex, no bad language, one mildly creepy alien head, and no overlong non-action scenes.

    You’re right about the intensity though. There was a younger (5?) kid sitting behind me who was whimpering “I’m scared” through most of the movie (and with good reason). The poor child was also kicking my seat back for long periods of time, no doubt out of nervousness. Bad parenting on 2 counts: 1. making a child watch something he wasn’t ready for, and 2. letting him disrupt others.

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