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TWILIGHT Countdown

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, March 20th, 2009 at 11:17 am in Twilight Saga.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or you don’t have any tween or teen girls living at your house … “Twilight” is about to be released on DVD. Hordes of screaming girls (and their mothers) will descend upon Borders and other stores at midnight tonight for Twilight parties, vampire trivia and the chance to dish on Edward’s awesome hunkiness. You know, the same thing they did last summer when the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer’s series came out, and last fall when the movie version of the first book landed on the silver screen. Need help passing the remaining 12:45 hours until the DVD comes out? Here ya go:

The “Twilight” page on YouTube features movie trailers, interviews and footage from last summer’s ComicCon appearance by the movie’s stars.

A peek at Catherine Hardwicke’s Director’s Notebook, which came out Tuesday, and other Twilight tidbits on Entertainment Weekly’s web site.

A Twilight party kit, including a party planning checklist although frankly, all you need are a bunch of girlfriends, some sleeping bags and vast amounts of popcorn.

And Stephenie Meyer’s web site, including her draft of “Midnight Sun,” the fifth book in the series, which re-tells the tale from Edward’s point of view.

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