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OCTUPLET Mom Fires Babies’ Nurses

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 at 3:22 pm in Just Bizarre.

Paparazzi swarm Nadya Suleman's garage (Lou Ponsi/Orange County Register)
A part of me feels sorry for Nadya Suleman, the beleaguered SoCal mother of 14, including 8 newborn octuplets, especially when I see something like this: paparazzi and spectators swarming Suleman’s garage, trying to break in to see the babies. But I’d feel a whole lot sorrier, if she hadn’t just fired her volunteer nurses, the ones Dr. Phil arranged for her during the media feeding frenzy that followed the octuplets’ arrival. Now, the nurses’ high profile attorney, Gloria Allred, is doing the talk show rounds, saying Suleman “doesn’t even come into the nursery to feed her own babies, to hold them, to bathe them, to change them, to love them, to bond with them, except when the cameras are rolling.” Suleman’s attorney, meanwhile, says one of the nurses filed a report with Children’s Protective Services, thus setting up an “adversarial” relationship.

Conflicted doesn’t even begin to describe my emotions – horror over each new development, pity for those babies, shame for even reading this stuff, and a sense of profound relief that no one ever tried to second guess my every action when I was a sleep deprived, new mother. How about you? Click comments and share your thoughts…

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  1. Charl Says:

    I never believed she would be a caring mother. When this whole mess started, her own mother said she is obsessed with newborns and as soon as they start to grow, she shows no interest in them. She already started to do that according to the nurse and I certainly believe her over that nut. I fear those babies being along with her someday. The thought makes me sick. I wish she had cared enough to give them up for adoption. I hope she does not make a fortune off these children because I believe that is the other reason she had them. I turn her off everytime I see her face. I won’t watch a program that enables that psycho. I pray for these children however and hope that someday they end up with a loving family

  2. Nurse Scrubs Says:

    It’s always good to find like-minded people. Thanx and I’m going to add you to my RSS feed.

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