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TV’s “Motherhood” Not So Hot?

By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, March 26th, 2009 at 10:22 am in TV.

In the Motherhood (ABC TV) Is anyone planning to catch ABC-TV’s “In the Motherhood” tonight? Our very own TV critic Chuck Barney saw the pilot and was less than impressed. He calls it “a mostly inane sitcom (that) spins tales of mommies and their moppets and falls flat in the process.” Ahhhhhhh!

Definitely disappointing since the original web-based series, from whence the sitcom sprang, was based on viewers’ real life motherhood travails. Moms went online and shared their from-the-trenches tales … and we watched and howled with laughter as Jenny McCarthy and Chelsea Handler spun them into episodes. So clever. And also, according to the NY Times, totally alarming to the the Writers Guild. So the ABC sitcom has been massaged into what screenwriters think is funny. Shoot. If you watch the new ABC show tonight, let us know what you think. Meanwhile, we’ve posted a clip from the original web series – the grocery store nightmare episode featuring Handler, McCarthy, a pair of red panties and a policeman. Click on over to the jump to watch…

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  1. sandy Says:

    I believe the original series in websides were a lot funnier than the actual show, the characters of chelsea handler, jenny McCarthy and Leah remini where so much funny. When I saw the show on abc is was very disappointing. they should have at least stayed with the same characters. I’m very disappointed

  2. Jackie Burrell Says:

    I feel the exact same way!

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