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By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 at 6:28 am in Cuisine.

April Fool Lunch (courtesy Family Fun Magazine) We’ve always been big Family Fun magazine fans — those clever crafts, fun party ideas and tasty tidbits. So naturally we went to check out their April Fool’s ideas too. Faux fish sticks? Chicken-not-pie? Oh my. We think we’ll stick to these less labor-intensive pranks instead. The Family Fun folks were kind enough to send over their clever photo with the gummi worm and the apple, as well as one of our favorite tricks of all time – the Cheeto bag of carrots!

When our kids were small, we always did sly things to their lunchboxes for April 1. Yep, we unsealed the chip bag and replaced the salty, fatty crisps with sliced carrots and celery. We’ve also made inside-out sandwiches – ham and cheese on the outside, bread in the middle; cut sandwiches into rectangles on one side and triangles on the other; and made our own splotchy green bread one year with a little assist from food coloring. And one memorable year, we carefully peeled an orange so the rind was almost entirely intact and stuffed an apple inside. Oh yeah, it was a proud moment.

OK, so what do you have planned for April Fool’s Day tomorrow?

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