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EASTER #4: DYES to Die For

By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, April 9th, 2009 at 7:49 am in Easter.

Easter_Egg (Courtesy OK, I’ve dyed countless eggs with those little pellet colors and vinegar. I’ve wrapped rubber bands around eggs before submerging them to get that cool striped effect, stuck on (and then removed, post-dying) sticker dots to get white polka dots, and dipped first one side and then the other for a two-toned masterpiece. But these ideas from McCormick, the vanilla extract and food coloring folks? Very cool. Here’s a sneak peek, but follow the link to find two video how-tos to help too. (And that may be a too/to/two record for us. Five in one sentence!)

Sponge Painted Eggs: In separate bowls, add food color to a few drops of plain white vinegar. Dip different sponges into each bowl and lightly pat the colors on your hard-boiled eggs for a speckled look. (May we suggest that you wear plastic gloves when you do this? We’re still trying to get our colorful fingers back to normal.)

Tie-Dyed Eggs: Place a hard-boiled egg in a colander in the kitchen sink. Splash it with some vinegar and then drop a few drops of, for example, light yellow food coloring onto it. Shake the colander gently for a few seconds to help spread the color. After 30 seconds, do it again with a spring green or other colors. Then, splash the egg with some water to soften the colors and let it dry.

Marbleized Eggs: Place about a quarter cup of boiling water into each of two bowl. Add 1/8 tsp vegetable oil, 1 tsp white vinegar and 6-10 drops of food color, a different color in each bowl. Whisk lightly to break up the oil droplets, then place a hard boiled egg into the first bowl and gently roll it around for 30 seconds or so. Transfer it to the second bowl and do the same thing. Remove the egg and let it dry.

And more tips to make your egg dyeing session easier…
Egg Holders: Best idea ever. Cut empty paper towel tubes into 2″ high rounds, and use them to hold your dyed eggs while they dry. Vastly superior to the old school, empty egg carton method.

Color Wheel Cheat: You know how the colors you want are never quite the colors you end up with? Here’s a handy little color wheel cheat that lets you pick a shade and a genre (icing, cake or eggs) and it tells you how many drops of which tints you need. Very cool.

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