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BUGS, Bugs, Everywhere … & a Bugged Out Giveaway

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, April 20th, 2009 at 10:24 am in Contest.

Bugs Fandex (Courtesy Workman Publishing) Ahhh, spring! Flowers, showers and bugs buzzing everywhere. Remember catching creepy crawlies in a bottle so you could take a closer look? Well, this week we’re giving away the tools your kid needs to wile away a lazy afternoon just like that: Workman Publishing’s Bug Book & Bug Bottle – with ventilated lid so insects stay safe till junior returns them to the garden, unharmed – and a cool Bugs Fandex. Very fun. And all you have to do win this is click “comments” and tell us, what’s your kids’ favorite way to laze away a summer afternoon? We’ll draw a winner’s name next Monday. (This contest is now closed – congrats, Tim! Click here for details on the next contest.)

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  1. kim v Says:

    They love to play stickball in the court yard. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Jackie Says:

    My kids love to hang out in Grandma’s pool and play in the park near her house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Kathy D Says:

    We live on a farm so we don’t need a park to go climbing we have tractors…. we also have lots of bug friends

  4. Lisa H Says:

    My kids love playing outside. They play ball, ride bikes or just walk and look at bugs or leaves.

  5. Carol Says:

    We live in a lake community, so we enjoy fishing on a lazy afternoon.

  6. Cassandra Berholtz Says:

    I love to take a nature walk with my daughter and see all the plants, trees, birds and insects. It is a great way for us to enjoy a day together.

  7. Tiffany S. Says:

    My son and I love to play with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Thank you for the giveaway and I would love to win!

  8. Paula H Says:

    Mine love playing out in the front yard with their friends. The have sidewalk chalk, a wagon, balls and bubbles. They all make up games to play.

  9. Karin V Says:

    My son loves to spend the afternoon at the park with me. We run around and have tons of fun!

  10. michele Says:

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    We have sidewalk chalk, bubbles, coloring books/crayons, trampoline, bicycles…my kids have plenty to do and we have a nice time enjoying the sunshine during the summer. We also love catching ladybugs or fireflies.

  11. wendy wallach Says:

    the beach is the fav around here.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  12. Lisa Says:

    My son likes to dig in the dirt, and haul it around in his toy dump truck. He could do this endlessly.

  13. Julie K Says:

    When I finally kick them off of the video games, we like to go to the park to fish and find wildlife.

  14. Leslie S. Says:

    They play on thier swingset or ride on our friends horses.Thanks.

  15. Cindi Says:

    Hello! In the really hot and humid days of summer here in the Midwest, running through the cold water of a sprinkler is fun, a water balloon fight (we pick up all
    of the balloon pieces) and swimming in a their Aunt’s
    swimming pool are my children’s activities.
    My 91 year old day still plants a vegetable garden
    and would enjoy his grandsons bring beneficial bugs
    to his garden
    Many thanks!

  16. Geri Nyland Says:

    My son loves to explore the woods that surround our farm. He loves to look for grasshoppers and frogs…

  17. Karen L Says:

    My kids love to sit in the wading pool and splash eachother!! Another favorite is to fight for a spot in the hammock!

  18. Suzie G. Says:

    My daughter likes to play outside in her water table.

  19. Marci Says:

    Swimming, swimming and more swimming…..

  20. Miranda Allen Says:

    Going to the beach

  21. Suzie Lockhart Says:

    My son loves to play in his pool on really hot days. He also loves to collect bugs!
    susan dot lockhart at gmail dot com

  22. Renee Says:

    swimming, water balloon fights, and playing outside

  23. MRS.MOMMYY Says:

    sidewalk, bubbles, ball- chasing after frogs

  24. susan Says:

    My daughter just loves bugs! she is fascinated by them!

  25. Cathy Says:

    My kids love to spend spend lazy summer days running through the sprinklers & eating popsicles. Yum!

  26. Marie Says:

    My kids love to explore the woods and creek behind our house — looking for bugs, of course :-)

  27. Chrysa Says:

    Going to the park is always fun.

  28. Kelly Ann T. Says:

    The kids like to play capture the flag. They divide the backyard in half with the garden hose. We also ride our bikes on the local trail and go my dad’s house since his condo has a pool.

  29. Tim S Says:

    swimming is my choice

  30. Janelle @ Brimful Curiosities Says:

    My daughter likes to build her own tent out of a bed sheet on our deck outside and play in it. Keeps her occupied for hours.

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