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CRIB Recall Redux

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, May 1st, 2009 at 11:18 am in Babies & Tots, Toy Recalls.

Recalled crib May we suggest that you put your baby to sleep in a dresser drawer? Or the bathtub, perhaps? OK, maybe that’s not such a good idea… but there’s been another major crib recall. Jardine Enterprises and the Consumer Product Safety folks just recalled 96,000 cribs – that’s in addition to the 320K Jardine cribs last June and the 56K in January – because the slats are so flimsy, they can break. Babies can get stuck and even strangle to death in the resulting hole. CPSC has gotten 31 reports of slats breaking, including two cases where children became trapped in the gap. In 10 cases, the slats were broken by babies or toddlers inside the crib, which means either there’s been a surge in adoptions from the planet Krypton or those slats are flimsy indeed.

Seven crib models, priced at $220-$330 and sold between 2005 and 2009, are implicated in this recall. CPSC has the model numbers and info on how to get a full refund. Looking for more info on recent baby product recalls? We’ve got that too.

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