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MOTHER’S Day Countdown: Tea Party Games

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, May 1st, 2009 at 6:43 am in Other.

Small Yellow Daisy (Courtesy Craig Jewell, Stock.Xchng) As we mentioned yesterday, we were smitten by Family Fun mag’s mother-daughter tea party ideas in the May 2009 issue, and loved the idea of some gentle, conversational games to pass the time and build connections. And this one – She Loves It, She Loves It Not – was particularly adorable. All you need is a daisy and a group of mothers and daughters. One player holds the flower and plucks off a petal as she names something her mom (or daughter) loves. The next player takes the daisy, plucks off another petal and names something her daughter (or mother) loves not. The daisy circles round as mothers talk about their daughters, and girls talk about their moms. Sweet for a mother-daughter tea party and for a Daisy Scout troop meeting too …

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