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MOTHER’s Day Countdown: Ladybugs

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, May 4th, 2009 at 7:04 am in Crafts.

Ladybug Paperweight (Courtesy We’re not sure what makes ladybugs so lovable, but we can’t resist them. And we’ve seen two particularly adorable takes on ladybug crafts, either of which would make a great kiddie DIY gift for Mother’s Day.

First up, this ladybug paperweight from’s list of Mother’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make.

You’ll need 2 small rocks; strong glue or a hot glue gun (if adults will be supervising this activity); red, black and white acrylic paint; glitter glue; a black pipe cleaner; and a small round of red or black felt, about the size of the larger rock.

1. Arrange the rocks to form the ladybug’s body and head, and glue them together.

2. Paint the ladybug’s body red, its head black and the eyes white. Add a painted white smile.

3. When the paint has dried, add a black line and polka dots to the body and black dots for the eyes. Add a little more pizazz by using the glitter glue to draw thin circles around the black polka dots on the body. Let dry.

4. Twist the pipe cleaner around the ladybug’s “neck” and up to form antennae. Trim the felt and glue it to the bottom of the rock to add a little cushioning.

MORE LADYBUGS? The cutest ladybug-inspired craft we’ve ever seen was a flower pot that had been painted a bright scarlet. Black polka dots (which can be made by dipping toddler fingertips in black paint and dotting them on the pot) were added, and the top band of the terracotta pot was painted in crisp black and white vertical stripes. Once the whole thing has dried, the child can plant a bright red geranium in the pot and present the gift.

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