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SWINE Flu: It’s Back

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, May 15th, 2009 at 11:52 am in Health & Safety.

St. Francisc Prep high school (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow) Just when the headlines had subsided and everyone was breathing a sigh of relief… three Queens, NY schools were shut down today and a middle school vice principal is in critical condition as another wave of the H1N1 flu virus seems to be sweeping the area. The vice principal, a man in his 50s, has been put on a ventilator and is suffering from kidney failure, dehydration and a lung infection.

Four students at that school have confirmed cases of the swine flu, and more than 50 have been sent home with symptoms since last Wednesday. Some 29 students had symptoms at a second school and 241 kids were home sick at a third. With the exception of the vice principal, the other cases seem to be fairly mild.

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