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KU Klux Klan T-shirts for Kids

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, June 1st, 2009 at 3:07 pm in Just Bizarre.

KKK T-shirts for Kids (From Christian Books & Things) Oh. My. God. We thought StrollerDerby’s Jeanne Sager was kidding when she said she’d run across a Christian bookstore web site hawking Ku Klux Klan T-shirts for children. Yes, really.  “I’m vacillating between speechless and spitting with venom,” Sager writes. “I’ve got to wonder, honestly, what Klan Kids Kare about. I was thinking Lynching, but according to the t-shirt, they ‘kare’ about loving Jesus, white power and their heritage. Note to the Klan: Jesus lived in the Middle East – it’s highly unlikely that his skin was white. And he certainly wasn’t Aryan.”

Naturally, we went madly Googling to see and yep, Arkansas-based Christian Books and Things sells an entire line of “Knights” shirts – yes, those knights, the ones in white sheets – including one that proclaims “I Want You” above a KKK member pointing, Uncle Sam-like, and another that reads, “The Original Boyz in the Hood” with yes, boys in klan hoods. All available in children’s sizes 2/4, 6/8 and so on, to fit your little budding bigot. Unbelievable.

Your thoughts?

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8 Responses to “KU Klux Klan T-shirts for Kids”

  1. Joseph V. Bednarsky Jr. Says:

    Hello everyone in America,

    Say NO to the Ku Klux Klan and help me fight hate groups like them in America.

    Visit my website at Joseph V. Bednarsky Jr. Ministries and read how God changed my life and how I’m speaking out against hate groups like the Klan with the Word of God.

    I need your prayers and support!

    If you would like to help me by sending a LOVE gift of any amount, then please do so either by sending it to our address or use the PayPal Donate button below. With your help we can make a difference!

    Where there is grace, there is No race.

    For God’s Glory, Joe

  2. Sandy mcgee Says:

    Racist and hateful. Why would anyone intentionally want to teach a child to be racist and hateful when people such as myself have spent nearly our whole lives trying to teach students to respect other cultures and live in peace. It hurts my soul to see this. I am ashamed that my family comes from Arkansas. I am sorry .

  3. Arielle Says:


    Note: Edited for language.

  4. mary. Says:

    people are racist. deal with it people. mexicans hate whites. no one cares about that. blacks hate whites. that doesnt phase anyone. but if this is about whites hating those races everyone freaks out. seriously people, get a life. people can hate on any race they want so grow the hell up. and if god wanted everyone to get along & look the same, then he only would have put one race on earth. so think about that. (:

    Moderator’s note: Edited for language.

  5. Caitlin Says:

    In response to Mary:
    Yes. I agree. People do have a right to there opinions. BUT I get concerned when they’re
    “opinions” harm other innocent people. JUST because they have a different background.

  6. Thomas Robb Says:

    Who is Joseph Bernarsky. I have been in the klan since the 1970’s. I have never heard of Joseph Bednarsky! I guess he was the “leader” of some group somewhere. But a National Leader?

    I don’t hate black people. Never have. Still don’t. Those people who really DO hate black people are rejected from the National organization and left to start their own little hateful groups which never amounts to any thing.

  7. Jesse Says:

    It’s funny how liberals turn everything around the shirt says LOVE YOUR HERITAGE not hate the others, it says STAND UP FOR YOUR PEOPLE not bow down to everyone it says WHITE AND PROUD not racist and hateful it says LOVE JESUS not Jesus can only be loved by non whites, I see nothing wrong with the shirt, it’s not secret codes it’s plain english. others turn the words around and use words never mentioned.

  8. j.r. miller Says:

    … how can you talk about the klan in that way you should be ashamed of yourself you are going to hell …

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