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TWILIGHT: New Moon Trailer

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, June 1st, 2009 at 10:06 am in Movies, Twilight Saga.

MTV Movie Awards (AP Photo/Matt Sayles) OK, so I watched the MTV Movie Awards last night, laughed over the antics of Andy Samberg (especially the song medley), roared over Bruno’s entrance, and listened to my lovely teenage daughter shriek every time Twilight anything occurred, including the award for Best Kiss (pictured) and the sneak peek at the first “New Moon” trailer (we’ve got it posted after the jump!). But she took issue with the concluding scene – says that’s not how it looked in her head. OK, “Twilight” experts. Take a peek, then hit comments and tell us, is that how it looked in your head?

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47 Responses to “TWILIGHT: New Moon Trailer”

  1. Hannah Says:

    omg!i can not wait till this comes out!!the werewold thing isnt how i expected, and no ididnt expect it like every other werewolf, i jsut expected less bulgy and a li different then a wolf. but i lvoe this book!ive read it like 20 times literlly! i won this signed picture of taylor laughtner, im grateful for it but i would hve rather have had a signed robert pattinson:)))

  2. Nikky Says:

    I really didn’t think Kristen should have left Robert hanging when they were going to kiss;% the fans would have loved them more than they already do.

  3. Mary Says:

    I was hoping the wolves would look more realistic. But I’ll be there anyway!

  4. taylor Says:

    OMG! i loved the new moon trailer it was awesome i gotta say i didnt picture the werewolf to look like that but it was way cooler than i pictured it!!! robert pattinson is soooo hott!!! and taylor and me have the same name how cool! lol well cant wait to see it and i hope everyone reads the books!! and i gotta a shout out to my sis getting married in two weeks! love ya tabitha!

  5. ashley Says:


  6. Leanne Says:

    Im really excited about this movie! I wish they had packed more into that trailer though. Rob.’s face and Taylor’s sexy torso will have captured the girls attention for sure, but the story of this film is amazing. This trailor is big on sex appeal but doesn’t really sell the whole story of the second book! The wolf thing looked fine, though I thought his fur should have been darker?

  7. Chris Richards Says:

    After seeing the official trailer last night at the awards show I am SOOO excited to see the movie! The cast is getting hotter and hotter. Check out these pics I found of the new cast. Enjoy!!!

  8. Amelia Leenig Says:

    I don’t know what your daughter was thinking (no offense), but that was pretty much what I had pictured in my head. I can’t wait until it comes out!! Every one in the cast is getting a lot hotter!

  9. Jane Says:

    Yo this is siiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the books and now i cannot wait to see the movie! But why do they have to make it on November 20th to come out? But Premere tickets are going to start to sell b/w 2,000 to 7,000 dollers. LoL! peace!

  10. kk Says:

    i think it looks awesome!!

  11. Mrs.Cullen Says:

    This trailer is really good. I like the part with Taylor [He has no shirt on ;)]

  12. Melissa Says:

    The jasper scene at the cullens was I e I didn’t this k they would capture well, but I am thoruoghly amazed at it!! Jas is my fave vamp and I’m Devi itely ready for this movie!!! It’s sad though, but we get to see more of Jacob though!!

  13. kk Says:

    omg! i love the part where he turns into a shape shifter!!!

  14. Candy Says:

    Perfect…..cant wait to see the movie!

  15. Leann Says:

    I just don’t like that they change pivotal moments. That scene with Laurent is supposed to happen in the meadow where Edward showed Bella what his skin looks like in the sunlight not right next to Jacob’s house. Also, it is the whole pack that saves her not just Jacob and she doesn’t even know that Jacob is a warewolf at that point. I’m a skeptic. I’m fearful that this one is going to be a cheesy and inaccurate as the first. None the less, I’ll be there to see the midnight showing.

  16. Heather Says:

    I really enjoyed the trailer, I do wish it had a little more in it only because i know there is so much more, but i think of the few people who haven’t read this book, such as my roommate, it has just enough to suck them in. The wolves i thought might be slightly bigger thats just the feel i got from the book, but other than that i know its gonna be a fantastic movie. just a side note i noticed someone commented that kristen stewart and robert pattinson should have kissed for their fans at the movie awards, but lets be real people they aren’t dating she has a serious boyfriend.

  17. kelly Says:

    My comment is to Ashley (#5)
    How sad for you… the rest of us LOVE it. Find something else to watch!!!

  18. Rosa Says:

    WOW! LOOKS GREAT Can’t wait

  19. jane doe Says:

    no it was dumb jacob as a wolf should look like more like one but he looks kinda like a do and he’s orangish in the preview but he supposed to be russet color brown and thats not how jacob and his pack kill laurent it doesnt look anything like i thought it would not even the jasper part where he attacts bella but thats my opinion

  20. kaylin Says:

    i totally agree with leann!! that is so not how it happened!!! im so angery!! twilght was pretty accurate, but new moon looks soooo remade i don’t no how stepenie meyer is taking this!!! oh and ashley shut it!! :( every 1 else luvs it!! any way i’ll still see the movie. :(!!!!!

  21. new moon freak:) Says:

    i agree with [Leann] 100%

  22. Rachel Says:

    I 100% agree with leann this mite ruin the film, it still looks really good but changing the story line will upset the fans, they changed twilight abit aswell and they’ve changed this even more putting a book into a film isnt easy but they could atleast keep the script to how the story was written, the meadow is a special place and makes it more interesting that that’s were laurent finds bella and doing it in the clearing is a mistake, i still think the film will be GREAT tho.

  23. roro Says:

    i love twilighttttttt and the trailer is really good
    but it could of been better for example jasper should of grouched first not run but i loved the wolf go edwarddddddddddddddddd

  24. Rachel Says:

    P.S the jasper seen is COMPLETELY different to how i thought it would look, dus anyone agreee?

  25. roro Says:

    wait lean is right she dosnt know he is a wolf yet maybe thats when he tells her

  26. roro Says:

    i do agree totally

  27. roro Says:

    i agree to but you have to watch the whole movie first to know it maybe its better and remember this is oly a teaser trailer

  28. Pesky Says:

    The last scene is two scenes, (note change in clothing for her). I’m hoping the graphics get cleaned up as they did for Ironman when it was first previewed. They have 5 months to work on it. 😀

  29. Darci Says:

    People remember that this is a trailer, which means they piece together different parts of the film… if you think about it the scene where Jacob turns is probably when he fights with Paul, the first time Bella sees him change. Also, the cast have already said in interviews that in the meadow scene with Laurent they actually show a fight with him & the wolves.

  30. kalea pollick Says:

    I am so extremely excited about this movie. It doesnt matter what critics or reviews say. No matter what, it’s going to be a smash hit because we are going to see it all come together on the screen, rather than working it out in our heads. I think the werewolf scene is brilliant as well. I agree with Darci. You have to consider that this is only a trailor and the whole werewolf Laurent thing may not even play out that way in the movie. Also, if Kristen has a serious boyfriend then it was smart of her to not kiss Robert at the awards last night. (even though it’d be completely amazing if they dated!) One critique i have about the trailor is to show more of what happends in the middle and near the end of the story. (Italy, Volturi, the pack.) Other than that the movie will be flawless!

  31. hannah h Says:

    i loved the new moon trailer, loved the scene w/ jacob shirtless :) and im soo gonna see it in november. the wolf should have been bigger. also kristen needs to look more depressed, but other than that, no complaints. plus, the movie looks better directed and the actors have really stepped up their game since twilight. it looks awesome

  32. Lee Says:

    I think people are confused with the Jacob scenes I do think they will have the pack attack Luarant. When you see the scene of Jacob at his house he is wearing a shirt and Bella is in a brown Jacket this could be the scene were he and Paul get into a fight.

  33. Drayton Says:

    The whole pack is supposed to come and save her and she doesn’t know it’s them yet. he doesn’t morph in front of her like that, she has to figure it out on her own first. but lee is right, they could have put those scenes together for the trailer. confusing and a bad move on their part but probably what happened. we’ll see.

  34. kristy Says:

    I loved the trailer except for the wolf. The wolf looked cheesy. I was expecting a wolf that stood up on 2 legs, they are supposts tyo be tall right? How can a wolf like that carry Bella later in the series? Not to happy about that, but the rest looked awesome!!!!

  35. Rachael Says:

    I agree Lee, Previews are usually pieced together weird anyways. But how much hotter does Jacob look? All that working out paid off. I just cant wait to see the movie.

  36. Kym Says:

    I think it will be like the book. You keep arguing its not right, but this is a trailer guys. The trailers always cut the best moments and mash them togehter to make it look like something its not. How do you know that its just jacob attacking alone in that scene? It could jsut be the way the trailer has been cut, to make it more suspensful.

  37. Lydia Says:

    Everything is pretty much how i imagined it. I hope that Kristen will show a lot more pain/depressed then showed in the trailer…Rob’s pain and suffering is dead on I mean just look at that face! Taylor is also perfect in every way…all his hard work definitely paid off! I just would have liked for the wolf to look a little bit more realistic…other than that I am super excited about the movie and can’t wait for it to come out!

  38. Sarina Says:

    I am glad they changed the movie a bit at least we don’t know exactly how everything is gonna happen it makes it more interesting! Can’t wait!!!

  39. iabelle Says:

    this is so awsome i looooooooove the bit where jacob turns into a werewolf!!!!!!!!!1ssssooooooooooo
    hot i ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ him so much

  40. iabelle Says:

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥luv JACOB BLACK♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  41. carebear Says:

    Okay, this is getting really stupid Miss Stephanie wrote the book a certain way and it would be nice if you made the movie like that. the first once missed so many parts, and the second. Bella didnt know about Jacob until after she almost attached. You GUYS ARE STUPID AND NEED TO STOP (messing) THINGS UP!!!!

    Note from the moderator: Edited for language.

  42. Leteasha Says:

    OMG I SOOOOOO love twilight!
    I read all of the books 7 times each!!!

    I didn’t picture the wolves that way or the Laurent scene but everything else was almost perfect!!:)
    P.S. Jasper & Edward are my faves for the guys & Alice is my fave for the girls.
    P.S.S. Arn’t Bella & Luarent suposed to be in the medow??!

  43. Leteasha Says:

    ♥♥♥♥Robert Patterson♥♥♥♥

  44. karen Says:

    ummm it wasent like i pictured it!!
    wasent bella suppose to be in the medow???
    and she wasent suppose to find out about
    jacob that way!! everything is messed up!!
    you guys should have done it LIKE THE BOOK
    i dont think its gana be that great..but i’ll
    still watch it!! it didnt like it though :(

  45. karen Says:

    …and the wolf was nothing like i pictured
    it!! it should have been more realistic..BIGGER..

  46. Miranda Says:

    Ok that movie trailer was awesome!! This is so goin to be the best movie i have ever seen! The first movie was ok and it got me into reading the books but…I LOVE THE SECOND MOVIE! The book wasn’t the best but if it was anything like what I saw in the trailer, then I will totally fall in love with it all over again! :)
    Oh and Ashley…SHUT YOUR FACE!!! If you don’t like the books, movies, or what we say about them, then stop reading!!!
    Jacob and Edward look sooooo HOTT in this movie and the wolves rock!

  47. Vince Says:

    In reply to Leann,

    If you watch that part of the trailer carefully, you’ll notice that the scene with Laurent/Bella and the scene where Jacob morphs into a wolf are actually two different scenes from the film.

    When Bella is with Laurent she has a backpack on and a light coloured jacket. When Bella runs towards Jacob, falls to the ground while he morphs midair, she is not wearing a backpack and has a completely different jacket on.

    The editors of the trailer have just made it look like one scene.

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