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FATHER’S Day: Awesome Kids’ Gifts #1

By Jackie Burrell
Saturday, June 13th, 2009 at 9:39 am in Crafts, Dads.

Pint-Size Car Wash (MCT Direct)
Washing the family car is a classic Father’s Day gift – of course the kids in the photo are scrub-a-dubbing the Little Tikes equivalent, but you get the point. And Dads are always delighted to get their wheels sudsed … as long as the washer does a passable job and remembers to wash off the soap, not just apply it. But a DIY car washing kit also makes a great, inexpensive gift for Father’s Day. Martha Stewart’s web site has suggestions for assembling one by filling a galvanized bucket with all the necessities, including natural sponges, soap, a squeegee and glass cleaner, and then attaching a coupon promising to assist in using the contents. The thing looks fabulous, as all her crafts inevitably do. But we also like the idea of using a bright red, plastic bucket and turning the kids loose with the sharpie markers to decorate the outside.

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