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By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at 3:04 pm in Cuisine.

Ice Cream (Photo courtesy of Jeff Prieb, Stock.Xchng) This weekend is the fifth annual Great American Backyard Campout, a National Wildlife Federation-sponsored activity designed to get families outdoors and in tune with nature. So much fun. And it got us all nostalgic for the many campouts we did when our kids were small. Ah, the s’mores, the hikes, the ghostly bedtime stories… and the homemade ice cream we made using a coffee can. So it was big fun to get an e-mail this morning from Rachael Ray‘s people with a recipe for… homemade ice cream using a coffee can. (Pause while we ask, where do Peet’s and Starbucks devotees find coffee cans? No, that’s not, like, a lightbulb joke. We really want to know. Do they buy Folgers and throw away the innards?) OK, on to the how-tos…

Rachael Ray’s DIY Ice Cream
10 oz. coffee can with plastic lid (see alternatives, below)
36 oz. coffee can with plastic lid
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk
¼ cup sugar
Coarse salt

Rachael Ray Directions:
Fill the smaller can ¾ full with ice cream base and seal. Place it inside the larger can and pack the empty space with crushed ice. Cover with a layer of coarse salt and seal, then roll or gently kick the can until the ice cream is frozen. (From Every Day with Rachael Ray, June/July 2009)

Alternatives & Suggestions:
If you can’t find coffee cans, we’ve also used ziplock freezer bags with good results. Use a quart size for the inner bag, fill it with the ice cream base and seal it securely. Drop it in a gallon sized bag, fill it with ice and a layer of rock salt, and gently toss it back and forth with your kids until the ice cream is frozen. Make sure you use a freezer-strength bag – the regular kind isn’t strong enough. Rinse the exterior of the quart bag before opening it, or you’ll end up with salty ice cream.

This ice cream recipe makes a good base, but you’ll want to add flavoring – vanilla extract, for example, chocolate, strawberry puree or even root beer flavoring.

Looking for more camping cuisine?

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