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By Jackie Burrell
Monday, July 6th, 2009 at 1:29 pm in Babies & Tots, Health & Safety.

Simplicity Crib Recall (Courtesy CPSC) We’ve ranted and railed about Simplicity cribs so much, it’s a wonder we’ve got any voice – or typing fingers – left. After umpteen gazillion crib recalls, guess what? Here’s another one: the Consumer Product Safety folks have recalled yet another 400,000 Simplicity drop-side cribs whose plastic parts are deformed or subject to breakage. The parts failure means the sides drop spontaneously (see illustrative photo) and have killed one 8-month-old, trapped or nearly trapped 25 others, and endangered still more. CPSC has also posted a handy list with details on the previous Simplicity recalls too. For those of you keeping score, we’re up to 2.369 million recalled cribs and bassinets from this now defunct company. You can follow those links to see the model numbers but frankly, if it says Simplicity anywhere on the thing, we wouldn’t want it in our house.

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