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STAR WARS Giveaway

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, July 20th, 2009 at 1:31 pm in Contest.

Star Wars: Punch Out & Play Luke… I am your “Star Wars” punch-out book.

This fun book/toy/thing by Michael and Karan Feder features punch-out, ready-to-play characters, including Darth, R2D2, Luke, Leia and, of course, Yoda. And it can be yours! All you have to do is punch the “Comments” button and tell us, which was your favorite “Star Wars” character? (We deduct points for Jar Jar Binks references.)

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15 Responses to “STAR WARS Giveaway”

  1. Tony Hicks Says:

    What a cheap way to get comments … I’m totally in. My favorite character was Han Solo. He had the swagger, the gun slung from his hip, and all the great lines. Plus he got the girl AND the seven-foot tall ape. Nice.

  2. Cindi Hoppes Says:

    I have a 7 year old nephew coming to stay with us!
    He would absolutely love this Star Wars Book/Toy.
    I know he likes Luke, but my favorite character is
    Yoda! He is small in stature, but so full of wisdom.
    Thanks a bunch…..Cindi

  3. James Says:

    Hmmmm….. I am a Count Dooku fan… I got my son hooked on Star Wars, and all we od is Play Lego Star Wars on XBox 360… He’s 6, and obviously is into Luke Skywalker… and as for Star Wars: Force Unleashed… well…. I’m still deciding if I’m going to go Sith Lord or Jedi… The kid wants me to go Jedi… He actually doesn’t like Anakin that much, because “he switched sides”… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Keith Lawler Says:

    Favourite Character? Has to be for me Boba Fett. I was about 11 when Empire Strikes Back came out and Boba had all the gear an 11 year old wanted, but couldn’t have. Guns, rockets, wookiee scalps (at that time…), cool armour, a great helmet, lots of colour and a ship that looked like a device you’d find in the kitchen.

    Plus he worked for the bad guys for money and didn’t get force choked by the dark lord. Oh, and he managed to get away with one of the good guys in a block of ice and no one could stop him, even by the end of the movie. Sweeeeet!

  5. Keith Lawler Says:

    Oh, and my five year old son likes Boba too…

    My two year old daughter is a big fan of Princess Leia, but then arn’t all two year old girls into Princesses.

  6. Margaret Says:

    Yoda, because I’ve gotta give props to my fellow short people!

  7. Melanie Says:

    My favorite character is Princess Leia. My son’s are Clone Trooper fans!

  8. Mariano Says:

    Favorite character ever, Qui Gon Gin. He played the real Jedi Master. He played the Jedi as well as Sir Alec Guiness playing Ben Kenobi.

    It’s all about teaching and living accordingly.

  9. Mike Kearney Says:

    My favorite character growing up was Luke. He was easy to relate to. A young, eager day-dreamer.

    My 7-year old son on the other hand loves the Clonetroopers, Especially Captain Rex from the new animated series.

  10. chris swan Says:

    Princess Leia all the way!

  11. Joan Morris Says:

    No question. Han Solo. He is a bit of scamp, but with a good heart. And hey, he made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Gotta love the guy with the coolest car.

  12. S. B. Prizzle Says:

    Favorite Character? Hmm… Arden Lyn.

  13. Amiee Says:

    My 3, soon to 4 year old son loves Star Wars! For being only 3 years old, he can name all the characters and wants everything he can get his hands on to be star Wars. His favorite character is Han Solo. =)

  14. JJ Says:

    My boys love Star Wars, this would be a great gift! Their favorites are C3PO and R2D2.

  15. Edward Says:

    Favorite character(s) have to be the Ewoks. Small but brave!

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