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ALMOST… A Book Giveaway

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, August 17th, 2009 at 12:06 pm in Books, Contest.

"Almost" by Richard Torrey No, really a book giveaway of “Almost,” the adorable picture book by Richard Torrey. It’s perfect for younger sibs who, like Torreys’ hero Jack, are always trying to compete with that idolized big brother or sister. Jack almost manages to ride his brother’s bike – till he crashes. Jack almost cooks his own breakfast – till the milk goes splat and the toaster spews smoke. And Jack almost hits a home run – er, except for that pesky pitcher and bat and ump. You’ll love it. And all you have to do to win a copy is click “comments” and share a tale or tip about sibling woes. We’ll draw a winner’s name on Monday!

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11 Responses to “ALMOST… A Book Giveaway”

  1. Melanie Says:

    My nine year old has been creating incredible things with legos since he was four. My younger seven year old still has a hard time putting them together. This has caused many tears in the house although it has also created teamwork between them and work together. They are both unique and have strengths in different areas. A loving mom of boys!! :)

  2. Cindi Hoppes Says:

    My brother was 14 years older than me; my sister 10 years older! Of course, I always wanted to tag along with them and their friends. Both of them got very good grades; especially, my brother. I found myself not even wanting to try in school because I knew I could never compete with their grades. I also see the “sibling woes”
    between my sons! It works both ways. Such an adorable book. Please include me in your drawing.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  3. Karen L Says:

    My younger siblings are the ones with the horror stories I’m afraid! I was the oldest of 4 and I made sure everyone knew it! Of course, I also had the most responsibility and my parents put me in charge of the others when they weren’t there….which contributed to a tyrannical reign.

    This book looks like fun and a great peek into the mind of the younger sibling!

  4. Janelle Says:

    I was the oldest and I’m afraid I bullied my brother into doing whatever I wanted. Seeing the same tendencies in my daughter with her little brother now. This book would be for him, poor little guy. He really wants to be able to do everything his big sister can do.

  5. Carrie Anne Says:

    What a great idea for a story. We go through a lot of ‘almost’ in our house, especially with my 2yo and her older 5yo brother (wasn’t so much of an issue with my oldest and middle child).

    My son is a daredevil and my youngest likes to follow in his footsteps: ‘almost’ being able to ride her brother’s scooter, ‘almost’ being able to climb up the slide to the top, ‘almost’ breaking her arm when she fell off the slide like her brother did. At what age do they grow out of the ‘almost’ stage?


  6. Staci A Says:

    Growing up, my brother and sister would always gang up on me. Once, they took the heads off my Barbie’s, melted them on a light bulb and put them in the snow to freeze. So evil! Luckily they grew out of that stage, and we’re now all really close!

  7. Kim Says:

    my sis and I used to REALLY go at it… esp in the summertime when we were bored. But now? We’re BEST FRIENDS. I love my sis more than words.

  8. Mozi Esmes Mommy Says:

    How cute this must be!

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  9. Winning Readings Says:

    As the youngest of 5 kids, I’ve got lots of sibling woes… Like how mad my brother would get with me when I read his journal!

    We’ve posted about this at Winning Readings:

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com – just a followup to Comment 8 above…

  10. judy weber Says:

    I am making a library for my grandson Matty in the hallway/alcovebeing almost completed and now want the best books for him.This book sounds wonderful.Thanks

  11. Annette W Says:

    When I was little, my sister would get in trouble and have to stand in the corner…so I would purposely get in trouble to stand beside her. My parents love to tell the story!

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