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San Mateo’s Hillsdale High Evacuated

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, August 24th, 2009 at 10:34 am in Uncategorized.

San Mateo’s Hillsdale High was evacuated this morning after a pipe bomb exploded on campus. Police arrived on the scene after a teacher reported spotting someone with a gun. The explosion occurred shortly after police arrived. No one was injured, but some 1,200 teens were evacuated to a middle school nearby and parents were notified. Meanwhile SWAT and police bomb squads continue to search the high school. According to KTVU-2, a second device has already been discovered, and a suspect is in custody.

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4 Responses to “San Mateo’s Hillsdale High Evacuated”

  1. Cindi Hoppes Says:

    What a sad commentary on life. How wonderful that no one was injured. Thank goodness…..Cindi

  2. Simon King Says:

    Wow that’s really scary! There hasn’t been anything like that at Heritage High in Brentwood. I wonder if that’s because of their SLC structure.

    I would be interested in hearing your take on Heritage’s school program

  3. JJ Says:

    Simon – If you’d bothered to research HHS, you’d notice Hillsdale also has a SLC structure.

    BTW, they are a great school, and I am sure the SLC structure had nothing to do with this sad incident. Your cheap attempt at marketing has clearly backfired here.

  4. Simon King Says:

    JJ, your right Hillsdale does have SLC structure. I didn’t mean to infer that the school is bad. I merely wanted to bring attention to SLC structures and how they impact a school. I didn’t really see any place to post a topic like that on this blog, so I thought I would place it here.

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