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COOKIE Mag Goes Under

By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 at 1:12 pm in Other.

Cookie Magazine We were so stunned by the demise of Gourmet magazine last week, it’s taken a while for the rest of Conde Nast’s news to sink in too. It’s not just Gourmet going under, it’s Modern Bride and Cookie too. We’ve always been big fans of Family Fun Magazine and its accessible, affordable craft, cooking and travel ideas for families. But Cookie never really grabbed our attention. At first, we thought it was because our kids – them! not us! – were aging out of that demographic. But Amy Wilson’s piece, “Why Cookie Crumbled,” makes us re-think that and realize why that magazine always made us feel so disengaged. We’ll give you a taste here (follow the Babble link for the rest):

“The idylls of Cookie’s pages, featuring toddlers in patent leather and cribs lined with flokati, altered not a whit with the collapse of Wall Street and our entire economy with it. Though Cookie’s media kit indicated that their readers’ median household income was $80,616, it would have taken five or ten times that amount to live the life depicted in its pages. And even if readers might once have aspired to that kind of lifestyle, when our gilded age came to an abrupt close, Cookie seemed suddenly – and glaringly – irrelevant.”

How about you? Were you a Cookie fan?

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