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KIDS Cookbook Giveaway

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, November 16th, 2009 at 3:43 pm in Contest, Cuisine.

Baking Kids Love (Sur La Table) We’re heading into prime baking season, and there’s no better way to spend time with kids – and get some help at the same time – than to introduce them to the joys of whisking, scooping and baking. So this week we’re giving away this cool cookbook, “Baking Kids Love,” written by baking instructor Cindy Mushet, her daughter Bella and the Sur La Table folks. It’s ideal for the 8 to 12-year-old crowd, but really, there’s no age that won’t love popovers, gooey pizza or cupcakes. And it can be yours! Click “comments” and tell us, what’s your favorite baking-with-kids project? We’ll draw a winner’s name next Monday.

Congrats, by the way, to Robertville, who won last week’s “Thomas the Tank Engine” DVD giveaway!

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12 Responses to “KIDS Cookbook Giveaway”

  1. Eve Says:

    Our favorite things to bake with the girls are brownies. especially when we put pecans or m&ms on the top. They go crazy for

  2. rkt88edmo Says:

    Mine’s gotta be the good ol’ english muffin pizza.

  3. Jaia Says:

    Our favorite is pumpkin bread.

  4. Maureen Says:

    I make zucchini bread because they will eat it. But when I bake or cook with them it is rice Krispie treat cut out of cookie cutters. They then decorate them and put a lollipop stick on them.

  5. Cathy Says:

    Good old chocolate chip cookies are always a favorite family do-it-together project!

  6. Sheila Whitescarver Says:

    We love baking Christmas cookies together. The fun is all in the decorating of course, with colored sugars, little pearls, and those tiny red hots that look so pretty. It’s messy festive fun and the perfect giveaway. We plate them up as holiday gifts for friends and neighbors. That way we don’t have to eat them all ourselves, but we still get to keep baking!

  7. Noreen Says:

    My girls love making strawberry sconies (scones) for Daddy

  8. Monica Says:

    I love making homemade pizza dough with my kids…and almost any type of cookie that can be frosted is always a hit too.

  9. Cindi Says:

    My husband is the cook/baker in our home! I do assist him when needed and especially when our two children and he decide to bake. Their most favorite goody to bake is
    pumpkin bread (without nuts)!
    Many thanks…..Cindi

  10. Monica Says:

    Right now my 3 year old and I are doing a Christmas baking marathon! We have been baking up a storm of cookies, bars and squares to give out to family in tins for Christmas. My son loves to cook…at 3yrs he can even crack an egg into a bowl with not shells. Whether is mixing a pancake batter, helping cook dinner or doing the special goodie baking he is always right in there eager to help!

  11. jennifer j Says:

    I love making Monkey Bread with my little guy Matthew.

  12. Bonnie Says:

    we love to bake gingerbread people. we make an entire village!

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