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TOY RECALL: Action Team Toy Darts

By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, December 17th, 2009 at 3:43 pm in Uncategorized.

Recalled darts It sounds kind of silly to recall darts – the things are pointy projectiles by definition. But the latest CPSC recall involves  soft, pliable, plastic darts, that are part of a cops-and-robbers type toy – and an 8-year-old boy died while chewing on one. He inadvertently swallowed it and it became lodged in his throat. Now the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling 22,000 “Action Team” sets, which include a S.W.A.T. watch, a badge, handcuffs and a toy gun with three soft rubber darts.

I have mixed feelings about this. My heart goes out to that Texas family for their, of course, tragic loss. But I can’t tell if this product was being marketed to tots, who have a tendency to mouth things, or if the recall is based solely on the terrible accident that befell a child who was certainly old enough to know better than to stick a squashy rubber thing in his mouth.  Because if it’s the latter, the CPSC should also be recalling wadded-up socks, rocks, toy cars and everything else on the planet that shouldn’t go in anyone’s mouth but might possibly… somehow … fit in there anyway. Is it just me?

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2 Responses to “TOY RECALL: Action Team Toy Darts”

  1. rkt88edmo Says:

    Seriously, an 8 year old could choke on just about anything, from toothbrushes to christmas ornaments. That recall is just ridiculous, it isn’t a toy intended for 3 year olds or something.

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