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RECALLS: Baby Food, Tinker Bell Bracelets

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 at 12:47 pm in Babies & Tots, Toy Recalls.

Recalled Bracelet (CPSC) Not to be an all-recall, all-the-time kinda gal, but here’s what’s been recalled this week:

The FDA just announced a recall on some varieties of HAPPYTOT and HAPPYBABY Pouch Meals, due to a packaging defect that could cause bacterial contamination. You’re looking for pouches with plastic caps and an expiration date between Nov. 2010 and January 2011. Follow the link for specifics.

CPSC just pulled the plug on 174,000 Papyrus children’s cards ($7, pictured) with little wooden bracelets. Super cute, but unfortunately, the beads on the bracelets have excessive amounts of lead.

And they also recalled 252,000 Tiny Tink and Friends Children’s Toy Jewelry Sets, because the connectors that hold the charms contain lead. The recalled jewely includes two varieties of Tinker Bell’s Lil’ Tinker Bracelet, Rosetta’s
Rosebud Key Chain and Silvermist’s Water Lily Necklace. And if you’re a Tinker Bell aficionado, you’ll know that Tink, Rosebud and Silvermist are all Disney fairies. Again, follow the links for pics and instructions on what to do next.

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