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ALICE a Box Office Smash

By Jackie Burrell
Monday, March 8th, 2010 at 2:09 pm in Movies.

Alice in Wonderland (Courtesy Disney Enterprises/MCT)
Apparently Alice, the Mad Hatter and the gang have just smashed box office records for biggest March opening ever, earning $116 million between Friday and Sunday. Have you seen it yet?

Reviews have been a little spotty, and parenting reviews, in particular, express some concern about the film for younger children. Common Sense Media calls the “trippy adaptation … pretty intense and scary at times for younger kids, especially because it’s in 3-D.” And Plugged-In Online notes that the “creatures in Underland are not all cute and cuddly. Indeed, some are downright alarming. Take the Bandersnatch, an ill-tempered beast with fur like a cat, claws like a velociraptor and teeth like a Swiss army knife gone horribly awry.”

But if you’re a parent heading out for date night, or taking teens to the show, then the fantasy violence factor may not be that big a deal for you. You probably want to know if it’s … awesome, right?

One of our blog readers posted this comment: “On its release last year I couldn’t find much to fault Avatar on. But after watching Alice – the first serious CGI-dominated 3D film since James Cameron’s immersive motion picture – there’s now a glaring issue with it: the bar was set waaay too high. Previously the computer generated effects in Alice would have knocked your socks off, however in a post-Avatar world it significantly underwhelms.” Still, he adds, it’s “pure, undemanding, trippy wonderment.”

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?

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  1. Cheryl W. Says:

    Haven’t seen it and probably won’t get to see it at the theater, but maybe the dvd.

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