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By Jackie Burrell
Monday, March 15th, 2010 at 2:08 pm in Technology & Video Games.

Do you haunt the virtual halls of Facebook? Post your every thought? Or just poke your friends occasionally? The Skinny Scoop, a blog by a pair of Stanford business school grads, surveys moms on all sorts of funny little things, from “What does the Tooth Fairy pay at your house?” to in-law relations. Not sure how scientific anything is, but the Facebook mom stats are particularly entertaining. Moms may fret endlessly about their kids online exposure, but 91% post pics of their little darlings on Facebook. Also, 75% have un-friended someone, and 64% have been unfriended – and 67% think Facebooking a birth announcement, instead of sending out cards, is just fine. And 88% have looked up an old crush.  Have you?

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One Response to “FACEBOOK Mom Stats”

  1. Cheryl W. Says:

    Have you been reading my Facebook page? LOL. We were just having the tooth fairy discussion. I do have pics of my kids post, but are only able to be seen by friends. I have unfriended someone, and I am sure someone has unfriended me because I do post bible scripture from time to time, and some just don’t appreciate it. Yikes, I have looked up an old crush *Blushes*, but I have also looked up old kindergarten friends too. LOL great post.

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