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EASTER: Countdown

By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 at 10:53 am in Uncategorized.

Easter Count-Down (Courtesy Family Fun) We had so much fun last year counting down to Easter with bunny crafts, recipes and such, we’re doing it again – and we’re starting with this 12-day countdown calendar from our buddies over at Family Fun Magazine. Don’t toss that empty egg carton, they say. Turn it into an interplanetary transport, a grassy caterpillar or this clever Easter countdown craft.

Cut off the empty egg carton’s top and sides, and trim the center dividers so they’re even with the outside edge. Dab glue around each cup rim and all around the edges, then lay a sheet of colorful tissue paper over it and press to affix. Cut 12 small circles of contrasting colored tissue paper and glue them over each cup. Each day, let your child tear open one cup’s cover to find a small surprise, Advent calendar-style.
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