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BABIES? Babies, babies, babies…

By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 at 3:49 pm in Movies.

A scene from "Babies" (AP Photo)
We are loving the Village Voice review of the new documentary, “Babies,” which opens on Friday. The movie follows a year in the life of four babies from Mongolia, Namibia, Tokyo and Oakland (pictured) and, well, this is what the Village Voice film critic said:

Babies babies “Babies” babies Babies? Babies babies.
Babies babies babies babies babies babies babies babies babies babies Babies? Babies babies, babies.

The Huffington Post took a more cynical view – “Sure, they’re cute, but what’s the point?” Well, OK, but let’s not underrate cute. For more on “Babies,” check out this interview my buddy, reporter Jessica Yadegaran, did with the filmmaker last week.

Are you planning to see it?

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One Response to “BABIES? Babies, babies, babies…”

  1. Rona Renner Says:

    I loved the movie. I laughed and even cried.
    I thought it showed so much about child development and how “good parenting” needs to be seen through a cultural lens. It’s also wonderful to get into the mind of a baby just a bit. One of the babies has a tantrum that is priceless. It shows how tantrums most often come from a place of frustration!! It will also help you reflect on your style of parenting…perhaps it will help you relax a bit if you’re the anxious type and are a bit overprotective.
    A film worth seeing!

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