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3-D Shrek

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 at 2:01 pm in Movies.

Shrek Forever After (Courtesy Paramount Pictures/MCT) Unless you’ve been soundly snoozing, you know a new Shrek movie is opening this Friday — and this time, the tale about everyone’s favorite green ogre is in 3-D. The first reviews are starting to roll in – we’re still waiting to hear from our favorite movie critics, but the New York Daily News says, “Happily, it’s a move that revives our aging ogre, and renews his flagging franchise.” And OK Mag says, “You can see the ending, and even the fantastically corny final line coming the whole time, but when they finally do they still hit hard.” But the Hollywood Reporter says, “This fourth installment in the popular animated franchise demonstrates it may finally be time to let Shrek and Fiona live happily ever after.” Being a Shrek-ophile, I’ll probably go see it anyway, although those 3-D glasses are problematic over my normal specs. But here’s my question for you…

What do your little ones think of 3-D movies? Are they wowed? Or does the 3-D aspect make scary scenes scarier or more intense?

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One Response to “3-D Shrek”

  1. Noreen Says:

    3d is hard over my glasses and frankly my girls are not overly excited about 3d though they think it is cool(we saw bolt in 3d) so it is not worth the cost. the were excited with the 3d muppet movie in disneyland

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