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Another Million Crib Recalls

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, June 25th, 2010 at 10:24 am in Babies & Tots, Health & Safety.

Simplicity Crib Recall (Courtesy CPSC) Ah, yes, another crib recall. Eight of them, actually, and they’re just the latest in a long, long line.

Look,  here’s the deal. If you’ve got a crib of any kind made by anyone. anywhere, check for missing, broken or loose parts. Tighten the hardware. Give it a good shake. And if the crib is 10 or more years old, its safety is questionable. Check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s crib safety website for more details on what to look for. More on the specific cribs in this recall in a moment, but first this…

A number of readers have suggested that people aren’t putting the cribs together correctly, and that a couple of DIY failures have prompted an overreaction. But it’s far more than “a couple,” as you’ll see in a moment and in at least one case, the problem is a design flaw that leaves consumers unable to tell – literally – which way’s up. The finished crib looks just like the picture in the instructions, but it’s wrong. And dangerous.

Here’s today’s list of recalled cribs. Sigh…

  • Child Craft Stationary-Side Cribs: 40,000-50,000 cribs are included in this recall of cribs by a now-shuttered manufacturer. The crib sides look almost exactly the same when they’re assembled upside down, except that there’s a gap. Four babies have become trapped in the gap, two by the arm and two were nearly strangled when their heads became entrapped. Child Craft recall details here.
  • Child Craft Drop-Side Cribs: Unknown number of cribs involved in this one but CPSC has received reports of at least seven cases in which the drop side spontaneously disengaged. One baby became trapped. Another fell on his head. Child Craft recall details here.
  • Delta: 747,000 of these cribs have been recalled after 57 reports of the sides falling off. Three entrapments, one baby fell out. Delta crib recall details here.
  • Evenflo Jenny Lind Cribs: 750,000 cribs recalled after 31 reports of sides falling off or the mattress dropping out. Three babies entrapped, nine children fell out and were injured. Evenflo crib recall details here.
  • Jardine Cribs: 130,00 cribs recalled after 47 reports of the sides dropping or otherwise failing. Ten cases in which babies were trapped or injured, including one who was found trapped and unconscious and had to be hospitalized, and another who broke his collarbone in the fall. Jardine crib recall details here.
  • LaJobi Cric Recall: This one involves 306,000 cribs sold under the Bonavita, Babi Italia and ISSI Drop-Side labels. Forty reports of sides that detached or malfunctioned, one child fell out. Details here.
  • Million Dollar Baby Cribs: 156,000 cribs in this one. Some 43 reports of drop side failures, including eight babies who became entrapped between the mattress and side, and three who fell out. Details here.
  • Simmons Drop-Side Cribs: 50,000 cribs involved here, with 30 reports of drop sides that spontaneously dropped off. Two kids entrapped, three fell, one injured. Details here.

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  1. Jen Dixon Says:

    Thank you very much for highlighting this extremely important danger. I had the misfortune of purchasing a Jardine crib and as stated the sides fell off. This really is a parent’s worse fear when it comes to child safety

    Thanks again


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