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Road Trip Tips

By Jackie Burrell
Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 at 11:39 am in Family Travel.

Road trip (illustrated by Ana Lense Laurrauri, Miami Herald, MCT) Whine… are we there yet? How ’bout now? Now? There’s nothing like a road trip to make you rethink the wisdom of travel with kids. Fortunately, you guys have given us more than a few great ideas for keeping the backseat contingent well occupied. And this being summer travel season, we’re reprinting the best of the bunch here!

  • Classic car games are always winners – ABC bingo, license plates, I Spy and Slug Bug or Punch Buggy. (Thank you Melanie, Janelle and Cindi!)
  • Load up the iPod, and hook it up to your car’s sound system and you can all sing along. Just do yourself a favor and don’t load up any Raffi. Instead, try ABBA, says Noreen. Or the Beatles. And Katherine C says she keeps special CDs her family only listens to in the car.
  • Grab bags, says Pam, are the way to go. Buy cheap little toys at garage sales and  dole out a new one  every hour.
  • We’re also big fans of books on tape (or rather, CD). The Harry Potter audiobooks, for example, will keep your kids, ages 6-20, entertained across many, many states.

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