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Backyard Summer Camp: Day 3

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, July 16th, 2010 at 6:54 am in Backyard Summer Camp.

20090408 Duck swimmer OK, it may be Friday here, but it’s hump day planning for your backyard summer camp. We’ve already talked about how to host a DIY Backyard Summer Camp, and some great ideas for Days 1 and 2 – Backyard Olympics and Day Tripping – with help from our buddy Peggy Spear. Now it’s on to …

Day 3: Splash Attack
“The host,” says Peggy, “should have access to a backyard or neighborhood swimming pool. With careful supervision, this can be one of the best days of camp.” Make sure you have lifeguards, and enough helpers! Then break out the inner tubes, Nerf balls and fun.

  • Take a cue from your Backyard Olympics, and organize some games, says Peggy, such as inner tube water polo, pool volleyball, sharks and minnows and raft races.
  • We’ve got six more pool game suggestions, ranging from Ping Pong Scramble to Bottle, a sneaky underwater version of “Steal the Bacon,” but the “bacon” is a clear, 2-liter, water-filled plastic bottle that becomes nearly invisible under water.
  • Family Fun magazine suggests playing an aquatic version of “Hide the Balloons.”

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