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Mom Slaps Baby Aboard a Southwest Flight

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 at 4:01 pm in Family Travel, Health & Safety.

NEWS AIRLINE 1 FT You guys reading about the Southwest Airlines fracas? CNN and USA Today are reporting that a mother slapped her crying 13-month-old baby across the face during a mid-flight incident that had the dad yelling at his wife to stop screaming, and neighboring passengers frantically pushing their call buttons. Adding to the agitation, the baby had a black eye, which the parents later said was from a dog bite incident a few days before. A Southwest flight attendant intervened and calm was restored … until they got to the gate in Albuquerque anyway.

Early reports suggested that the flight attendant took the baby away, but as the story unfolded today, Southwest said no, she merely held the baby so the child’s father could get out of his seat and do that thing we all do with crying babies – walk them until they calm down.

The flight was met at the gate by airport police and medical personnel, who took statements from the flight attendant, a witness and the parents – the mother says the baby kicked her and wouldn’t stop screaming, so she “popped her” but “didn’t do anything wrong,” and only reacted after the baby kicked her. The parents were not charged and the family continued on to another flight.

What do you think?

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One Response to “Mom Slaps Baby Aboard a Southwest Flight”

  1. craphead Says:

    I think parents can’t win on most flights. If your baby or child cries, people glare and hate. If you “discipline” your child, you get met with police.

    Now, in no way would I advocate hurting a baby who is crying on a plane (or any baby or child for that matter). I’m just saying that it seems like parents can’t win and it sucks. And while not everyone on a plane is glaring and hating on the parents, enough are to make many parents completely stressed out. As if it isn’t already stressful to travel with a baby or small child.

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