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Music Soothes the Savage Toddler, er, Beast

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 at 11:27 am in Technology & Video Games.

Tech Tots (Photo by Craig Borck/MCT Direct) All us grown-ups around here use Pandora, the online, customized radio station that adapts to your musical tastes. What hadn’t occurred to us, though, was its kid appeal. And the parent appeal of not having to listen to “Baby Beluga” for the 49th time. Turns out the station has kid genre stations, including Toddler Radio (think Sesame Street, Disney, The Wiggles), Lullabye, Radio for Kids and Rockin’ Kids (for the early elementary crowd), and Tween Radio. It’s free – Pandora’s supported by ads, but they’re not too annoying. Call it up on your laptop – there’s an iPhone version too – type the name, i.e., “Toddler Radio,” into the “create a station” box on Pandora and it does the rest.

And, if you’re programming Metallica for your toddlers, we won’t tell.

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